ISOF researchers at DIDACTA fair
ISOF researchers at DIDACTA fair

ISOF researchers at DIDACTA fair

The fifth edition of Didacta, the most important national fair dedicated to teacher training and school innovation in Italy, was held from 20 to 22 May, in Florence at Fortezza da Basso, with a scientific program offering over 200 events, including numerous proposals from the National Research Council of Italy.

Didacta is aimed at teachers, school managers, educators, trainers, professionals and entrepreneurs in the school and technology sector with the aim of encouraging the debate on the world of education between institutions, associations and entrepreneurs, to create a meeting place between schools, companies and research institutions.

ISOF contributed to this edition by offering teachers immersive workshops focused on new educational methods and tools useful for introducing in schools some of the challenges related to circular economy, energy transition, sustainable development, and health. For example, participants were engaged in playing EcoCEO – it’s your business! an educational strategy business board game capable to show students the circular economy logic by putting them in the shoes of the Chief of Executive Office (CEO) of a company.

Furthermore, in collaboration with other CNR institutes belonging to the Il Linguaggio della Ricerca National Network, coordinated by ISOF, seminars on Digital skills courses (IC- Rome), Green Chemistry (ICCOM-Florence), Critical raw materials (SCITEC-Milan), successful approaches for chemical activities at elementary school (ISMN- Palermo),etc. , were proposed as well as an immersive workshop on Chocolate as model for showing how to test new materials (ISTEC-Faenza).

” I’m happy about the presence of so many CNR researchers at this Edition.

CNR can be highly effective in promoting dissemination action on themes related to the new challenges in Schools and Society, to future generations on new job skills.”

Armida Torreggiani, ISOF researcher at DIDACTA.

Further details on the activities supported by ISOF and the National Network of “Il Linguaggio della Ricerca” (Research Language):

  • Workshop “Percorsi educativi innovativi nel PNRR e nel triangolo della conoscenza: ricerca, istruzione e impresa – Modello Cnr”. Speakers: Armida Torreggiani ed Alberto Zanelli Cnr-Isof, Michela Tassistro Cnr-Scitec, Laura Polito Cnr, Ilaria Schizzi Cnr-Scitec, and Lorenzo Forini (external consultant)
  • Workshop “Tecniche di Gamestorming per la programmazione didattica e le attività di divulgazione scientifica sulle tematiche dell’economia circolare”. Speaker: Eleonora Polo Cnr-Isof
  • Workshop “La Lipidomica in Cucina: dalla Parte dei Grassi…in senso molecolare!”. Speakers: Carla Ferreri, Anna Sansone, Annalisa Masi, Domenicantonio Galatà Cnr-Isof 
  • Workshop: “Che forza il cioccolato!” Speaker: Pietro Galizia Cnr-Istec 
  • Seminar “Progettare percorsi formativi per migliorare le Competenze Digitali degli studenti scuole superiori” Speakers: Guido Righini, Marco Simonetti Cnr-Ic 
  • Seminar “Chimica vs. Natura: una guerra che non esiste. Come la Chimica Verde può curare la chemofobia” Speakers: Alessio Dessì, Andrea Ienco Cnr-Iccom 
  • Seminar “Percepire la Chimica attraverso i cinque sensi: percorso per la scuola primaria”. Speakers: Francesca Deganello, Maria Luisa Testa Cnr-Ismn 
  • Seminar “Le materie prime critiche: gesti quotidiani per vincere una sfida scientifica e sociale”. Speakers: Laura Polito, Marcello Marelli, Alberto Bossi Cnr-Scitec 

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