Institute for Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity


We study the interaction between light and molecules with a wide range of spectroscopic techniques, to develop new molecular architectures with high efficiency in harvesting of solar light, photoinduced energy and electron transfer processes, photoluminescence. The aim of these studies is to achieve efficient solar-to-electricity and solar-to-fuel energy conversion.

We characterize the optical properties of UV-VIS luminescent materials such as organic molecules, polymers, transition metal complexes, MOFs and organic crystals both in solution and in the solid state. These materials are typically used in electroluminescent devices and fluorescent sensors.

We study photo-responsive supramolecular and nanostructured systems for sensing, imaging, diagnostics and drug delivery, and also photochemical and photocatalytic systems for environmental remediation. Some of these molecules, upon interaction with light, generate useful chemical species and/or radicals and can be used as therapeutic agents.

Furthermore, we also use light as a tool to investigate, understand and quantify interactions at the molecular level in the frame of drug target recognition, biomolecule optical sensing and drug delivery by supramolecular and polymeric carriers.