Institute for Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity


ISOF researchers have created several spin-off companies throughout the years. Here below the links to our spin-off:

Kerline is an innovative start-up and a spin-off company based on 15 years of scientific research work developed in the laboratories of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), and we are headquartered in the Bologna CNR research area, Italy.

Kerline founders have set up a method for the chemical extraction of water-solublehigh molecular weight keratin and are committed to developing next-generation products with application in different technological fields.

Advanced Polymer Materials S.r.l. (APM), is a company founded in 2007 as a ‘spin-off’ business initiative promoted by some researchers of the National Research Council and the University of Ferrara. The mission of APM was initially linked to the exploitation of the results of fundamental research for the development of new polymeric materials and services for technology transfer, collaborating to enhance the know-how and technologies of Italian production with positive effects in the high sectors -tech.
Today, APM is a dynamic company able to apply the modern methodologies in use for quality control with thermo-mechanical, rheological and chemical-physical methods applying ISO or ASTM standards for industrial polymers, thermoset and composites.

Lipinutragen Srl, born in Bologna in December 2005 as spin-off company of the National Research Council (CNR), is the first company that brings to the market an innovative approach of molecular medicine: cell membrane lipidomics and NUTRILIPIDOMICS, molecular diagnostics to nutraceuticals and nutrition for a personalized approach in health care.


Fluorescent Technologies

Mediteknology is a spin-off of CNR, producing fluorescent molecular probes. It operates in the field of biotechnology, nanotechnology and diagnostics. It has operative centers in Bologna and in Lecce, Italy The partnership of academia, research institutions and industry fosters a positive and dynamic environment that enables Mediteknology to provide innovative tools and materials for fluorescence technologies