Institute for Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity
Synthetic Chemistry

Synthetic Chemistry

Starting from simple atoms or basic components, we can produce tailored molecules with specific chemical, optical or even biological properties. We can synthesize a wide range of organic molecules such as thiophenes, graphenes, anthracenes, porphyrins, metal-organic complexes, rotaxanes, etc.

We design and synthesize bioactive molecules (e.g. modified nucleosides, drugs candidates, prodrugs, macrocyclic compounds) and (bio)organic nanoparticles for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes.

We can produce tailored polymers with specific functionalities able as example to conduct electricity, to convert light into energy and vice-versa or to act as biomedical scaffolds with self-assembling properties to form micelles as delivery and/or diagnostic agents.

We can engineer and synthesize 2D materials, nanoparticles and composites with specific recognition and capture of air-water pollutants, toxins in biologic media.

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