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Scientific papers

Scientific papers

More than 1800 scientific articles on peer-reviewed international journals have been published at ISOF in the last 20 years, with an average 90 articles/year and a citation h-index =106 (Source: Web os Science; February 2022).

Articles published and citations per year since ISOF publication (source: WOSK, Feb 2022).
Main scientific disciplines of ISOF publications. Source: Web of Science, Feb 2022.

Latest Publications (2021-2022)

Source: Scopus – July 2022




Graphene oxide-polysulfone hollow fibers membranes with synergic ultrafiltration and adsorption for enhanced drinking water treatment.

Zambianchi M, Khaliha S, Bianchi A, Tunioli F, Kovtun A, Navacchia ML, Salatino A, Xia Z, Briñas E, Vázquez E, Paci D, Palermo V, Bocchi L, Casentini B, Melucci M 

         Journal of Membrane Science, 658, 2022


Rose Bengal-photocatalyzed perfluorohexylation reactions of organic substrates in water. Applications to late-stage syntheses.

Yerien DE, Barata-Vallejo S, Mansilla D, Postigo A 

         Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences, 21, 803, 2022


A convenient route to mono-trans polyunsaturated free fatty acids.

Vetica F, Sansone A, Ferreri C, Chatgilialoglu C 

         Journal of Chemical Research, 46, 2022


Incorporation of 5’,8-cyclo-2’deoxyadenosines by DNA repair polymerases via base excision repair.

Tsegay PS, Hernandez D, Brache C, Chatgilialoglu C, Krokidis MG, Chapagain P, Liu Y 

         DNA Repair, 109, 2022


Erythrocyte Membrane Nanomechanical Rigidity Is Decreased in Obese Patients.

Sot J, García‐arribas AB, Abad B, Arranz S, Portune K, Andrade F, Martín‐nieto A, Velasco O, Arana E, Tueros I, Ferreri C, Gaztambide S, Goñi FM, Castaño L, Alonso A 

         International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23, 2022


Photophysical and Computational Insights into Ag(I) Complexation of Porphyrinic Covalent Cages Equipped with Triazoles-Incorporating Linkers.

Sánchez-Resa D, Daidone I, Djemili R, Adrouche S, Durot S, Heitz V, Zanetti-Polzi L, Ventura B 

         Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2022


All-Electrochemical Nanofabrication of Stacked Ternary Metal Sulfide/Graphene Electrodes for High-Performance Alkaline Batteries.

Sanchez JS, Xia Z, Patil N, Grieco R, Sun J, Klement U, Qiu R, Christian M, Liscio F, Morandi V, Marcilla R, Palermo V 

         Small, 18, 2022


Luminescent lanthanide coordination compounds as potential mitochondria-targeting probes: Molecular engineering to bioimaging.

Reddy MLP, Bejoymohandas KS, Divya V 

         Dyes and Pigments, 205, 2022


Cyanine-Doped Nanofiber Mats for Laser Tissue Bonding.

Ratto F, Magni G, Aluigi A, Giannelli M, Centi S, Matteini P, Oberhauser W, Pini R, Rossi F 

         Nanomaterials, 12, 2022


HSA-Binding Prodrugs-Based Nanoparticles Endowed with Chemo and Photo-Toxicity against Breast Cancer.

Rapozzi V, Moret F, Menilli L, Guerrini A, Tedesco D, Naldi M, Bartolini M, Gani M, Zorzet S, Columbaro M, Milani C, Martini C, Ferroni C, Varchi G 

         Cancers, 14, 2022


Spontaneous Coassembly of the Protein Terthiophene into Fluorescent Electroactive Microfibers in 2D and 3D Cell Cultures.

Palamà IE, Maiorano G, Di Maria F, Zangoli M, Candini A, Zanelli A, D’Amone S, Fabiano E, Gigli G, Barbarella G 

         ACS Omega, 7, 12624, 2022


Indium-modified copper nanocubes for syngas production by aqueous CO2 electroreduction.

Niorettini A, Mazzaro R, Liscio F, Kovtun A, Pasquini L, Caramori S, Berardi S 

         Dalton Transactions, 2022


Photoinduced Autonomous Nonequilibrium Operation of a Molecular Shuttle by Combined Isomerization and Proton Transfer Through a Catalytic Pathway.

Nicoli F, Curcio M, Tranfić Bakić M, Paltrinieri E, Silvi S, Baroncini M, Credi A 

         Journal of the American Chemical Society, 144, 10180, 2022


A glucose-based molecular rotor inhibitor of glycogen phosphorylase as a probe of cellular enzymatic function.

Minadakis MP, Mavreas KF, Neofytos DD, Paschou M, Kogkaki A, Athanasiou V, Mamais M, Veclani D, Iatrou H, Venturini A, Chrysina ED, Papazafiri P, Gimisis T 

         Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 20, 2407, 2022


Selective Capture of Anti-N-glucosylated NTHi Adhesin Peptide Antibodies by a Multivalent Dextran Conjugate.

Mazzoleni A, Real-Fernandez F, Nuti F, Lanzillo R, Brescia Morra V, Dambruoso P, Bertoldo M, Rovero P, Mallet JM, Papini AM 

         ChemBioChem, 23, 2022


Two Beats One: Osteosarcoma Therapy with Light-Activated and Chemo-Releasing Keratin Nanoformulation in a Preclinical Mouse Model.

Martella E, Dozza B, Ferroni C, Obeyok CO, Guerrini A, Tedesco D, Manet I, Sotgiu G, Columbaro M, Ballestri M, Martini L, Fini M, Lucarelli E, Varchi G, Duchi S 

         Pharmaceutics, 14, 2022


NiNP@rGO Nanocomposites as Heterogeneous Catalysts for Thiocarboxylation Cross-Coupling Reactions.

Lombardi L, Mazzaro R, Gazzano M, Kovtun A, Morandi V, Bertuzzi G, Bandini M 

         Synthesis (Germany), 54, 1633, 2022


Visible-Light Assisted Covalent Surface Functionalization of Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanosheets with Arylazo Sulfones.

Lombardi L, Kovtun A, Mantovani S, Bertuzzi G, Favaretto L, Bettini C, Palermo V, Melucci M, Bandini M 

         Chemistry – A European Journal, 28, 2022


Silencing Survivin: a Key Therapeutic Strategy for Cardiac Hypertrophy.

Kusmic C, Vizzoca A, Taranta M, Tedeschi L, Gherardini L, Pelosi G, Giannetti A, Tombelli S, Grimaldi S, Baldini F, Domenici C, Trivella MG, Cinti C 

         Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research, 15, 391, 2022


Sapienic Acid Metabolism Influences Membrane Plasticity and Protein Signaling in Breast Cancer Cell Lines.

Küçüksayan E, Sansone A, Chatgilialoglu C, Ozben T, Tekeli D, Talibova G, Ferreri C 

         Cells, 11, 2022


Novel Cu(I)-5-nitropyridine-2-Thiol Cluster with NIR Emission: Structural and Photophysical Characterization.

Hassanein K, Cappuccino C, Marchini M, Bandini E, Christian M, Morandi V, Monti F, Maini L, Ventura B 

         Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2022


Enantiopure, luminescent, cyclometalated Ir(iii) complexes with N-heterocyclic carbene-naphthalimide chromophore: Design, vibrational circular dichroism and TD-DFT calculations.

Groué A, Montier-Sorkine E, Cheng Y, Rager MN, Jean M, Vanthuyne N, Crassous J, Lopez AC, Saavedra Moncada A, Barbieri A, Cooksy AL, Amouri H 

         Dalton Transactions, 51, 2750, 2022


Tuneable conductivity at extreme electric fields in ZnO tetrapod-silicone composites for high-voltage power cable insulation.

Greijer H, Mirotta N, Treossi E, Valorosi F, Schütt F, Siebert L, Mishra YK, Adelung R, Palermo V, Hillborg H 

         Scientific Reports, 12, 2022


Bioactive Keratin and Fibroin Nanoparticles: An Overview of Their Preparation Strategies.

Giannelli M, Guerrini A, Ballestri M, Posati T, Aluigi A, Zamboni R, Sotgiu G 

         Nanomaterials, 12, 2022


Electroconductive and injectable hydrogels based on gelatin and PEDOT:PSS for a minimally invasive approach in nervous tissue regeneration.

Furlani F, Montanari M, Sangiorgi N, Saracino E, Campodoni E, Sanson A, Benfenati V, Tampieri A, Panseri S, Sandri M 

         Biomaterials Science, 10, 2040, 2022


Thermal behaviour of microgels composed of interpenetrating polymer networks of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) and poly(acrylic acid): A calorimetric study.

Franco S, Buratti E, Nigro V, Bertoldo M, Ruzicka B, Angelini R 

         Polymers, 14, 2022


Effects of Oxygen Tension for Membrane Lipidome Remodeling of Cockayne Syndrome Cell Models.

Ferreri C, Sansone A, Krokidis MG, Masi A, Pascucci B, D’errico M, Chatgilialoglu C 

         Cells, 11, 2022


Critical Review on Fatty Acid-Based Food and Nutraceuticals as Supporting Therapy in Cancer.

Ferreri C, Sansone A, Chatgilialoglu C, Ferreri R, Amézaga J, Burgos MC, Arranz S, Tueros I 

         International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23, 2022


4-Phenyl-1,2,3-triazoles as Versatile Ligands for Cationic Cyclometalated Iridium(III) Complexes.

Di Girolamo A, Monti F, Mazzanti A, Matteucci E, Armaroli N, Sambri L, Baschieri A 

         Inorganic Chemistry, 61, 8509, 2022


Kinetic and energetic insights into the dissipative non-equilibrium operation of an autonomous light-powered supramolecular pump.

Corra S, Bakić MT, Groppi J, Baroncini M, Silvi S, Penocchio E, Esposito M, Credi A 

         Nature Nanotechnology, 17, 746, 2022


Toward Optimized Charge Transport in Multilayer Reduced Graphene Oxides.

Çlnar MN, Antidormi A, Nguyen VH, Kovtun A, Lara-Avila S, Liscio A, Charlier JC, Roche S, Sevinçli H 

         Nano Letters, 22, 2202, 2022


Evaluation of Hydroxyl Radical Reactivity by Thioether Group Proximity in Model Peptide Backbone: Methionine versus S-Methyl-Cysteine.

Chatgilialoglu C, Grzelak M, Skotnicki K, Filipiak P, Kazmierczak F, Hug GL, Bobrowski K, Marciniak B 

         International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23, 2022


Biomimetic Radical Chemistry and Applications.

Chatgilialoglu C 

         Molecules, 27, 2022


4,4′-Dimethylazobenzene as a chemical actinometer.

Casimiro L, Andreoni L, Groppi J, Credi A, Métivier R, Silvi S 

         Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences, 21, 825, 2022


Study and application of graphene oxide in the synthesis of 2,3-disubstituted quinolines via a Povarov multicomponent reaction and subsequent oxidation.

Caputo S, Kovtun A, Bruno F, Ravera E, Lambruschini C, Melucci M, Moni L 

         RSC Advances, 12, 15834, 2022


The role of polymer structure on water confinement in poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) dispersions.

Buratti E, Tavagnacco L, Zanatta M, Chiessi E, Buoso S, Franco S, Ruzicka B, Angelini R, Orecchini A, Bertoldo M, Zaccarelli E 

         Journal of Molecular Liquids, 355, 2022


Multimodal sensing in rewritable, data matrix azobenzene-based devices.

Boschi A, Cinili S, Bystrenova E, Ruani G, Groppi J, Credi A, Baroncini M, Candini A, Gentili D, Cavallini M 

         Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2022


One year of surgical mask testing at the University of Bologna labs: Lessons learned from data analysis.

Boi C, Borsetti F, Brugo TM, Cappelletti M, De Angelis MG, Fedi S, Di Giacomo S, Fabiani T, Foli G, Garelli A, Genchi U, Ghezzi D, Gualandi C, Lalli E, Magnani M, Maurizzi A, Mazzi F, Mehrabi N, Minelli M, Montalbano R, Morelli L, Nici S, Onesti R, Paglianti A, Papchenko K, Pappalardo S, Parisi NF, Rapino S, Reggio M, Roselli M, Ruggeri E, Sabatini L, Saracino E, Scarponi GE, Serra L, Signorini V, Storione A, Torsello M, Tugnoli E, Vargiu CM, Vidali G, Violante FS 

         Separation and Purification Technology, 294, 2022


Electrical conduction and noise spectroscopy of sodium-alginate gold-covered ultrathin films for flexible green electronics.

Barone C, Maccagnani P, Dinelli F, Bertoldo M, Capelli R, Cocchi M, Seri M, Pagano S 

         Scientific Reports, 12, 2022


Mechanically Interlocked Systems: Photoactive Rotaxanes and Catenanes.

Baroncini M, Canton M, Casimiro L, Credi A, Silvi S 

         Springer Handbooks, 585, 2022


Bioinspired Photocatalyzed Organic Synthetic Transformations. The Use of Natural Pigments and Vitamins in Photocatalysis.

Barata-Vallejo S, Yerien DE, Postigo A 

         ChemCatChem, 2022


Implementation of Water-Soluble Cyclodextrin-Based Polymers in Biomedical Applications: How Far Are We?

Agnes M, Pancani E, Malanga M, Fenyvesi E, Manet I 

         Macromolecular Bioscience, 2022


Bioinspired photocatalysed C-H fluoroalkylation of arenes in water promoted by native vitamin B12and Rose Bengal.

Yerien DE, Postigo A, Baroncini M, Barata-Vallejo S 

         Green Chemistry, 23, 8147, 2021


Catalytic Fluoroalkylation Reactions of Alkoxy-substituted (Hetero)Arenes.

Yerien DE, Lantaño B, Barata-Vallejo S, Postigo A 

         ChemCatChem, 13, 4497, 2021


Selective deposition of metal oxide nanoflakes on graphene electrodes to obtain high-performance asymmetric micro-supercapacitors.

Xia Z, Mishukova V, Sollami Delekta S, Sun J, Sanchez JS, Li J, Palermo V 

         Nanoscale, 13, 3285, 2021


Electrochemical exfoliation of graphite in H2SO4, Li2SO4and NaClO4solutions monitored: In situ by Raman microscopy and spectroscopy.

Xia Z, Bellani V, Sun J, Palermo V 

         Faraday Discussions, 227, 291, 2021


Reduction of nitroaromatics on cadmium sulfide: further probing the electrochemical model of semiconductor photocatalysis.

Velichenko AB, Shmychkova O, Samiolo L, Amadelli R 

         Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 25, 85, 2021


Can mesoporous nanoparticles promote bioavailability of topical pharmaceutics?

Valetti S, Thomsen H, Wankar J, Falkman P, Manet I, Feiler A, Ericson MB, Engblom J 

         International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 602, 2021


Effect of a fiber d-limonene-enriched food supplement on intestinal microbiota and metabolic parameters of mice on a high-fat diet.

Valerii MC, Turroni S, Ferreri C, Zaro M, Sansone A, Dalpiaz A, Botti G, Ferraro L, Spigarelli R, Bellocchio I, D’amico F, Spisni E 

         Pharmaceutics, 13, 2021


How to Prepare Future Generations for the Challenges in the Raw Materials Sector.

Torreggiani A, Zanelli A, Degli Esposti A, Polo E, Dambruoso P, Lapinska-Viola R, Forsberg K, Benvenuti E 

         Minerals, Metals and Materials Series, 277, 2021


Application of the SMALP technology to the isolation of GPCRs from low-yielding cell lines.

Tedesco D, Maj M, Malarczyk P, Cingolani A, Zaffagnini M, Wnorowski A, Czapiński J, Benelli T, Mazzoni R, Bartolini M, Jóźwiak K 

         Biochimica et Biophysica Acta – Biomembranes, 1863, 2021


Proteinlike dynamical transition of hydrated polymer chains.

Tavagnacco L, Zanatta M, Buratti E, Rosi B, Frick B, Natali F, Ollivier J, Chiessi E, Bertoldo M, Zaccarelli E, Orecchini A 

         Physical Review Research, 3, 2021


Real-time imaging of Na+ reversible intercalation in “Janus” graphene stacks for battery applications.

Sun J, Sadd M, Edenborg P, Grönbeck H, Thiesen PH, Xia Z, Quintano V, Qiu R, Matic A, Palermo V 

         Science Advances, 7, 2021


Critical Role of Functional Groups Containing N, S, and O on Graphene Surface for Stable and Fast Charging Li-S Batteries.

Sun J, Hwang JY, Jankowski P, Xiao L, Sanchez JS, Xia Z, Lee S, Talyzin AV, Matic A, Palermo V, Sun YK, Agostini M 

         Small, 2021


Asymmetric Organocatalysis Accelerated via Self-Assembled Minimal Structures.

Sinibaldi A, Della Penna F, Ponzetti M, Fini F, Marchesan S, Baschieri A, Pesciaioli F, Carlone A 

         European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2021, 5403, 2021


Toward Real Setting Applications of Organic and Perovskite Solar Cells: A Comparative Review.

Seri M, Mercuri F, Ruani G, Feng Y, Li M, Xu ZX, Muccini M 

         Energy Technology, 9, 2021


The carbon-carbon triple bond as a tool to design organic semiconductors for photovoltaic applications: An assessment of prospects and challenges.

Seri M, Marrocchi A 

         Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 9, 16164, 2021


Polyaniline nano-needles into electrospun bio active fibres supportin vitroastrocyte response.

Saracino E, Zuppolini S, Guarino V, Benfenati V, Borriello A, Zamboni R, Ambrosio L 

         RSC Advances, 11, 11347, 2021


Structural and functional properties of astrocytes on PCL based electrospun fibres.

Saracino E, Cirillo V, Marrese M, Guarino V, Benfenati V, Zamboni R, Ambrosio L 

         Materials Science and Engineering C, 118, 2021


Electrophoretic coating of LiFePO4/Graphene oxide on carbon fibers as cathode electrodes for structural lithium ion batteries.

Sanchez JS, Xu J, Xia Z, Sun J, Asp LE, Palermo V 

         Composites Science and Technology, 208, 2021


Comparative visible-light driven selective oxidation to aldehydes of phenylmethanol (benzyl alcohol) and 4-pyridinylmethanol (4-pyridinecarbinol) on N-TiO2 and some commercial TiO2 samples.

Samiolo L, Amadelli R, Maldotti A, Molinari A 

         Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences, 20, 1635, 2021


Thermoresponsivity of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) microgels in water-trehalose solution and its relation to protein behavior.

Rosi BP, Tavagnacco L, Comez L, Sassi P, Ricci M, Buratti E, Bertoldo M, Petrillo C, Zaccarelli E, Chiessi E, Corezzi S 

         Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 604, 705, 2021


The dark side of platinum based cytostatic drugs: From detection to removal.

Roque-Diaz Y, Sanadar M, Han D, López-Mesas M, Valiente M, Tolazzi M, Melchior A, Veclani D 

         Processes, 9, 2021


Novel Biobased Polylactic Acid/Poly(pentamethylene 2,5-furanoate) Blends for Sustainable Food Packaging.

Rigotti D, Soccio M, Dorigato A, Gazzano M, Siracusa V, Fredi G, Lotti N 

         ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 9, 13742, 2021


Temperature dependence of the rigid amorphous fraction of poly(butylene succinate).

Righetti MC, Di Lorenzo ML, Cinelli P, Gazzano M 

         RSC Advances, 11, 25731, 2021


Record power conversion efficiencies for iron(ii)-NHC-sensitized DSSCs from rational molecular engineering and electrolyte optimization.

Reddy Marri A, Marchini E, Cabanes VD, Argazzi R, Pastore M, Caramori S, Gros PC 

         Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 9, 3540, 2021


Electrospinnable composites for laser-activated tissue bonding and wound monitoring.

Ratto F, Milanesi A, Magni G, Centi S, Schifino G, Aluigi A, Khlebtsov BN, Cavigli L, Barucci A, Matteini P, Khlebtsov NG, Pini R, Rossi F 

         11786, 2021


Exploring Oxidative NHC-Catalysis as Organocatalytic Polymerization Strategy towards Polyamide Oligomers.

Ragno D, Brandolese A, Di Carmine G, Buoso S, Belletti G, Leonardi C, Bortolini O, Bertoldo M, Massi A 

         Chemistry – A European Journal, 27, 1839, 2021


Long-range selective transport of anions and cations in graphene oxide membranes, causing selective crystallization on the macroscale.

Quintano V, Kovtun A, Biscarini F, Liscio F, Liscio A, Palermo V 

         Nanoscale Advances, 3, 353, 2021


Measurement of the conformational switching of azobenzenes from the macro- To attomolar scale in self-assembled 2D and 3D nanostructures.

Quintano V, Diez-Cabanes V, Dell’Elce S, Di Mario L, Pelli Cresi S, Paladini A, Beljonne D, Liscio A, Palermo V 

         Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 23, 11698, 2021


Mathematical modelling of drug delivery from pH-responsive nanocontainers.

Pontrelli G, Toniolo G, McGinty S, Peri D, Succi S, Chatgilialoglu C 

         Computers in Biology and Medicine, 131, 2021


Continuous capillary-flow sensing of glucose and lactate in sweat with an electrochemical sensor based on functionalized graphene oxide.

Poletti F, Zanfrognini B, Favaretto L, Quintano V, Sun J, Treossi E, Melucci M, Palermo V, Zanardi C 

         Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 344, 2021


Radiation-and photo-induced oxidation pathways of methionine in model peptide backbone under anoxic conditions.

Pędzinski T, Grzyb K, Skotnicki K, Filipiak P, Bobrowski K, Chatgilialoglu C, Marciniak B 

         International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22, 2021


Autism spectrum disorder from the womb to adulthood: Suggestions for a paradigm shift.

Panisi C, Guerini FR, Abruzzo PM, Balzola F, Biava PM, Bolotta A, Brunero M, Burgio E, Chiara A, Clerici M, Croce L, Ferreri C, Giovannini N, Ghezzo A, Grossi E, Keller R, Manzotti A, Marini M, Migliore L, Moderato L, Moscone D, Mussap M, Parmeggiani A, Pasin V, Perotti M, Piras C, Saresella M, Stoccoro A, Toso T, Vacca RA, Vagni D, Vendemmia S, Villa L, Politi P, Fanos V 

         Journal of Personalized Medicine, 11, 1, 2021


Anthradithiophene-based organic semiconductors through regiodirected double annulations.

Nitti A, Forti G, Bianchi G, Botta C, Tinti F, Gazzano M, Camaioni N, Po R, Pasini D 

         Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 9, 9302, 2021


Direct synthetic routes to functionalised crown ethers.

Nicoli F, Baroncini M, Silvi S, Groppi J, Credi A 

         Organic Chemistry Frontiers, 8, 5531, 2021


Electrosynthesis of Ni/Al layered double hydroxide and reduced graphene oxide composites for the development of hybrid capacitors.

Musella E, Gualandi I, Ferrari G, Mastroianni D, Scavetta E, Giorgetti M, Migliori A, Christian M, Morandi V, Denecke R, Gazzano M, Tonelli D 

         Electrochimica Acta, 365, 2021


Temporal variation of floatable plastic particles in the largest Italian river, the Po.

Munari C, Scoponi M, Sfriso AA, Sfriso A, Aiello J, Casoni E, Mistri M 

         Marine Pollution Bulletin, 171, 2021


Processable Thiophene-Based Polymers with Tailored Electronic Properties and their Application in Solid-State Electrochromic Devices Using Nanoparticle Films.

Moreira T, Maria FD, Zangoli M, Fabiano E, Manet I, Mazzaro R, Morandi V, Marinelli M, Gigli G, Parola AJ, Laia CAT, Barbarella G 

         Advanced Electronic Materials, 7, 2021


Ink-jet-printed semiconductor electrochromic nanoparticles: Development and applications in electrochromism.

Moreira T, Maia M, Parola AJ, Zangoli M, Di Maria F, Laia CAT 

         Chemical Solution Synthesis for Materials Design and Thin Film Device Applications, 407, 2021


Sterilization of Semiconductive Nanomaterials: The Case of Water-Suspended Poly-3-Hexylthiophene Nanoparticles.

Monti F, Manfredi G, Palamà IE, Kovtun A, Zangoli M, D’Amone S, Ortolani L, Bondelli G, Szreder T, Bobrowski K, D’Angelantonio M, Lanzani G, Di Maria F 

         Advanced Healthcare Materials, 10, 2021


Excited-State Engineering in Heteroleptic Ionic Iridium(III) Complexes.

Monti F, Baschieri A, Sambri L, Armaroli N 

         Accounts of Chemical Research, 2021


Cell volume regulation mechanisms in differentiated astrocytes.

Mola MG, Saracino E, Formaggio F, Amerotti AG, Barile B, Posati T, Cibelli A, Frigeri A, Palazzo C, Zamboni R, Caprini M, Nicchia GP, Benfenati V 

         Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry, 55, 196, 2021


Microplastic Contamination in Protected Areas of the Gulf of Venice.

Mistri M, Scoponi M, Sfriso AA, Munari C, Curiotto M, Sfriso A, Orlando-Bonaca M, Lipej L 

         Water, Air, and Soil Pollution, 232, 2021


The bacterial protective armor against stress: The cis-trans isomerase of unsaturated fatty acids, a cytochrome-c type enzyme.

Mauger M, Ferreri C, Chatgilialoglu C, Seemann M 

         Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 224, 2021


Photoluminescence emission induced by localized states in halide-passivated colloidal two-dimensional WS2nanoflakes.

Mastria R, Loiudice A, Vávra J, Nobile C, Scarfiello R, Cozzoli PD, Kovtun A, Liscio A, Sestu N, Marongiu D, Quochi F, Buonsanti R, Saba M, Calzolari A, Rizzo A 

         Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 9, 2398, 2021


A Series of Iron(II)-NHC Sensitizers with Remarkable Power Conversion Efficiency in Photoelectrochemical Cells**.

Marri AR, Marchini E, Cabanes VD, Argazzi R, Pastore M, Caramori S, Bignozzi CA, Gros PC 

         Chemistry – A European Journal, 27, 16260, 2021


Push-pull thiophene-based small molecules with donor and acceptor units of varying strength for photovoltaic application: Beyond P3HT and PCBM.

Marinelli M, Candini A, Monti F, Boschi A, Zangoli M, Salatelli E, Pierini F, Lanzi M, Zanelli A, Gazzano M, Di Maria F 

         Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 9, 11216, 2021


Giant Shape-Persistent Tetrahedral Porphyrin System: Light-Induced Charge Separation.

Marchini M, Luisa A, Bergamini G, Armaroli N, Ventura B, Baroncini M, Demitri N, Iengo E, Ceroni P 

         Chemistry – A European Journal, 27, 16250, 2021


Self-assembled multinuclear complexes for cobalt(II/III) mediated sensitized solar cells.

Marchini E, Caramori S, Boaretto R, Cristino V, Argazzi R, Niorettini A, Bignozzi CA 

         Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 11, 2021


Scalable synthesis and purification of functionalized graphene nanosheets for water remediation.

Mantovani S, Khaliha S, Favaretto L, Bettini C, Bianchi A, Kovtun A, Zambianchi M, Gazzano M, Casentini B, Palermo V, Melucci M 

         Chemical Communications, 57, 3765, 2021


The Binding Pocket at the Interface of Multimeric Telomere G-quadruplexes: Myth or Reality?

Manoli F, Doria F, Colombo G, Zambelli B, Freccero M, Manet I 

         Chemistry – A European Journal, 27, 11707, 2021


Glial Interfaces: Advanced Materials and Devices to Uncover the Role of Astroglial Cells in Brain Function and Dysfunction.

Maiolo L, Guarino V, Saracino E, Convertino A, Melucci M, Muccini M, Ambrosio L, Zamboni R, Benfenati V 

         Advanced Healthcare Materials, 10, 2021


Expanding the Toolbox of Heterogeneous Asymmetric Organocatalysts: Bifunctional Cyclopropenimine Superbases for Enantioselective Catalysis in Batch and Continuous Flow.

Leonardi C, Brandolese A, Preti L, Bortolini O, Polo E, Dambruoso P, Ragno D, Di Carmine G, Massi A 

         Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis, 363, 5473, 2021


Visible light-catalyzed fluoroalkylation reactions of free aniline derivatives.

Lantaño B, Yerien DE, Barata-Vallejo S, Postigo A 

         Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences, 20, 971, 2021


Biodegradation of graphene materials catalyzed by human eosinophil peroxidase.

Kurapati R, Martìn C, Palermo V, Nishina Y, Bianco A 

         Faraday Discussions, 227, 189, 2021


Correction to: Oxygen-dependent accumulation of purine DNA lesions in cockayne syndrome cells (Cells 2020, 9, 1671).

Krokidis MG, Derrico M, Pascucci B, Parlanti E, Masi A, Ferreri C, Chatgilialoglu C 

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Multiscale Charge Transport in van der Waals Thin Films: Reduced Graphene Oxide as a Case Study.

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