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Christmas Lectures at ISOF

Christmas Lectures at ISOF

(in Italian Below)

The Christmas Lectures are a CNR outreach event that brings together a large audience of researchers and science and innovation enthusiasts every year in December. Organised since 2011 by ISOF and the CNR Research Area in Bologna, the Christmas lectures aim to:

1.         Present a high-level personality in the field of science, technology and society each year, discussing topics of broad interest.

2.         Bring together the community of the CNR research area, made up of researchers from various disciplines ranging from Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Astronomy etc.

3.         To allow citizens to learn more about the CNR research area in Bologna, and the active role that the CNR has in tackling the great energy, climate and social challenges of this century.

In past years, the Christmas Lecture has hosted various prominent personalities such as former ministers of the Republic Patrizio Bianchi, Roberto Cingolani, Luigi Nicolais, IBM Europe Vice President Alessandro Curioni, the Magnifico Rettore of the University of Bologna Francesco Ubertini and many others.