Workshop at CNR for the first 5 years of CLAN–Center for Light Activated Nanostructures
Workshop at CNR for the first 5 years of CLAN–Center for Light Activated Nanostructures

Workshop at CNR for the first 5 years of CLAN–Center for Light Activated Nanostructures

In May 2017, the University of Bologna (UNIBO) and the National Research Council (CNR) launched a new Joint Research Laboratory, the Center for Light Activated Nanostructures (CLAN), installed in the Institute for Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity (ISOF) of CNR. The mission of CLAN is to develop light-sensitive molecular, supramolecular systems, devices and materials as well as promote and engage in the collection and sharing of resources, structures (spaces, equipment and services) and skills to carry our frontier research in the field of chemical and physical sciences, with particular regard to nanoscience, spectroscopy and photochemistry. The ultimate aim of the research carried out at CLAN is to find innovative solutions to current global challenges, from technological (solar energy conversion, advanced materials, catalysis) to medical advancements (drug delivery, imaging, phototherapy).

On July 13th, 2022, UNIBO and CNR will celebrate the fifth anniversary of CLAN with a scientific symposium, to be held in the conference center of the CNR Research Area of Bologna. The aim of the meeting is to discuss the state of the research on nanoscience, in particular in combination with photophysics and photochemistry, which is going on in the UNIBO Departments and in the CNR Institutes which, now gathered in the Navile district, constitute together a first-class center of chemical research at the European level.

The invited speakers, which include international guests, will present their latest results on a variety of topics, including: molecular motors, graphene-based nanomaterials, surface micropatterning, mechanically interlocked switches, smart polymer nanofibers, photochromic compounds, photoinduced molecular dynamics, and non-equililbrium processes.

The 2022 symposium is the follow up of the international workshop on Light Activated Nanostructures that was held on 16th May 2017 upon inauguration of CLAN. During the past five years, the CLAN staff carried out frontier research with publications in top journals, research seminars and conferences – including the meeting with the three Nobel Laureates in Chemistry 2016 held on 22 November 2018. Today, CLAN includes a permanent staff of ten CNR researchers and UNIBO professors, and several post-doctoral fellows, PhD students, visiting fellows and undergraduates. Indeed, CLAN is a significant case of inter-institutional collaboration and a leading example for sharing technological and human resources.

Scientific Program

14.15–14.30Opening remarks.
14.30–14.50Marco Garavelli (UNIBO-Chimind)
Photoinduced dynamics and transient spectroscopies from first principles.
14.50–15.10Alessandro Kovtun (CNR-Isof)
Covalent micropatterning by using visible-light assisted surface functionalization of graphene based materials.
15.10–15.30Maria Letizia Focarete (UNIBO-Chim)
Polymers become smart: the example of electrically-responsive nanofibers and auto-diagnostic materials.
15.30–16.00Lorenzo Casimiro (Special guest – ENS Saclay)
Photo- and mechano-chromes: new ways to exploit molecular rearrangements
16.00-16.30Coffee break
16.30–16.50Massimiliano Cavallini (CNR-Ismn)
Patterning of optically active materials: toward unconventional devices.
16.50–17.10Stefano Corrà (UNIBO-Chimind)
Design and operation of light driven supramolecular pumps.
17.10–17.30Marco Lucarini (UNIBO-Chim)
Spin-labelled mechanically interlocked molecules as models for the interpretation of biradical EPR spectra.
17.30–17.50Massimiliano Curcio (CNR-Isof)
Directional nonequilibrium operation of a light-responsive molecular shuttle.
17.50–18.00Closing remarks.

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