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Sansone Anna

Sansone Anna


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She graduated in Pharmacy in 2004 ( Sapienza University in Rome), and she got the Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Science, Medicinal Chemistry field, in 2008 (Sapienza University in Rome) defending her thesis focused on design, development, synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of peptides and pseudopeptides as inhibitors of ß -Amiloyd in Alzheimer, as endomorphin analogues and chemotactic agents.
From 2008 to March 2011 she obtained different collaboration grants conferred by: CNR Crystallographic Institute for the development of Nucleic Acid molecules, by Cency Bolognetti Foundation for the development of antiviral activity peptides and by Chemical Science Department in Padova University for peptide nanoenzymes inibithor synthesis.
In 2011 she obtained a permanent researcher position in ISOF-CNR . Her main skills are focused on: development of methodologies (synthetic strategies and analytical aspects) for lipidomic applications and biomarker identification, fatty acids based nutraceuticals characterization, evaluation of biomolecules and pharmaceutics on lipidomics, development of liposomes, proteo-liposome and tailored-liposomes for several applications (i.e drug delivery, biomarker doscovery,detection), radical mechanism damage of lipids and proteins from chemical aspect to biological involvement in life sciences, discovery of bioactive molecules and antioxidant activities related to radical stress, synthesis, analytical characterization and evaluation of bioactive molecules including also peptides and paseudopeptides. She is lab tutor for post-doc and Ph.D students and supervisor for master students and students of erasmus projects; she was committee member for international Ph.D examination and grants and organizing committee member for healthy courses,( Accademia dei Meccamismi Molecolari and/or Aspetti Molecolari di Prevenzione e Salute”) where she is also invited to give webinar lectures in lipidomics. She is Reviewer Member Board of Pharmaceutics (MDPI) and Topic Editor of Molecules (MDPI) in lipidomic field.; she is author/co-author o papers, chapters in a book and several abstracts and posters in congress.Topic Editor Molecules mDPI in Development of advanced lipidomic methodologies and their applications Associate Editor Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences Lipids, Membranes and Membranous Organelles Co- guest-editor Frontiers in Clinical Diabetes and Healthcare


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Scientific Contributions (Lecture and Posters)

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