ISOF research on water purification at Quasar
ISOF research on water purification at Quasar

ISOF research on water purification at Quasar

ISOF researchers are guests in the first episode of Quasar, a new show about scientific dissemination, aired on the Italian public television network (Rai2). Dr. Manuela Melucci dialogues with Dr. Emanuele Guerrini (CNR press office leader) about Life-Remembrance and Graphil, two industrially led European projects (Medica,, ongoing in our institute.

Life-Remembrance is a Life 2020 project focused on the upcycling of plastic wastes originated by the industrial production of ultrafilters, and on their reuse in drinking water purification from emerging contaminants (such as PFAS). 

Graphil aims at enhancing the performances of standard hollow fiber membrane filters by the integration of low amounts of graphene and related materials within the membranes.

ISOF is working toward exploitation and validation of the materials developed in Graphil and Life-Remembrane toward their application in point-of-use devices and in real potabilization plants. The projects involve industrial producers of membranes and devices, but also water operators, including HERA, National Italian utility, which provides drinking water in Emilia-Romagna region).

The episode shows our colleagues working on the filters in our labs, intent on developing new strategies and materials for the future of water remediation. 

The ongoing technology transfer activities toward the commercialization of the filters (foreseen for 2023) are also addressed in the interview.

Here the link to the complete episode (puntata del 01/03/2023)

Details on the projects: