FEMS Young Leader International Scholar

FEMS Young Leader International Scholar Discusses Graphene as a Chemical Platform

By Graduate Student Reporter Graham Sanborn, Georgia Tech - March 4, 2013

This exciting new lecture is the result of a recent partnership between TMS and the Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS), insupport of the society's strategic goal to "Be the destination society for young professionals: technically, professionally and socially." The FEMS Young Leader International Scholar, Vincenzo Palermo of the National Research Council of Italy, gave the lecture titled "Not a Molecule, Not a Polymer, Not a Substrate: The Many Faces of Graphene as a Chemical Platform."

Palermo discussed the use of functional organic materials today and how the development of graphene compounds could revolutionize the ways they are used. Depending on the treatments and form of graphene, it can be used as a molecule (in the form of graphene oxide), a polymer, and a substrate. These different "roles" are a result of graphene's unique electronic and dimensional properties. Palermo compared the large single layer graphene (SLG) that is produced today to a material the thickness of a blanket that was the area of a soccer field.

Developments on new ways to obtain SLG were also presented. Current exfoliation techniques to obtain SLG are insufficient for industrial applications. He presented developments on nano-graphene compounds that act as "wedges" between graphene layers and assist graphene exfoliation during sonication. The new method shows improved production of SLG; however, developments are still underway.