Photonics - Expertise and Equipment - Optoelectronic Devices


Experience in device preparation and characterization is a long-standing asset of our group. Our expertise spans from the preparation and measurement of the electro-optical behaviour of solid thin film to the manufacturing of multilayer devices. Layer deposition techniques both wet (spin-cast, drop-cast) and dry (PVD and CVD), have been customized for optimization of film morphology and composition.


  • Clean room facilities (class 10000) with high-vacuum (10-6 mbar) deposition chambers equipped with heating sources independently controlled for multiple and/or co-evaporations and suited to both organic and inorganic materials depositions. The chambers are provided with film thickness monitors to control deposition rate and film thickness.
  • Spin casting (0-4000 rpm and 1 to 20 cm2 sample dimension) and drop casting (0.5 to 500 microns sample thickness and 1 to 10 cm2 sample dimension appliances.
  • Safe environment for substrate preparation (sample cutting and etching) and UV-cleaning apparatus.
  • Stylus profilometers for film thickness and surface roughness measurements.
  • OLED characterization (I-C-V curves, emission spectra and CIE coordinates, luminous and power efficiencies) in controlled atmosphere.