Kovtun Alessandro

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Advanced Materials
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During my PhD in Physics (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia) I have installed, calibrated and validated the X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) facility at ISOF. PhD thesis link

Currently I manage the XPS surface chemistry analysis facility, I am responsible for the scientific activity and technical maintenance. I am in charge of the electrical characterization of Graphene-based composites and devices insiede the Graphene Faghship project.

My research activity is mainly focused on XPS characterization of Carbon based materials. I am interest in chemical functionalization of aromatic carbon of 2D materials.

Past positions

R&D Product Engineer, 2013, Kemet Electronics Italia, Sasso Marconi (BO).

Junior Research Assistant, 2012, ESRF, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble (France)


I have published an innovative approach on XPS data analysis focused on quantification of the oxygen content in Graphene Based Materials indipendently from thickness and substratess

Selected Publications:
1. Accurate chemical analysis of graphene-based materials using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
A. Kovtun, D. Jones, S. Dell'Elce, E. Treossi, A. Liscio, V. Palermo, Carbon 2019 (143) 268-275.

2. Benchmarking of graphene-based materials: real commercial products versus ideal graphene.
A. Kovtun, E. Treossi, N. Mirotta, A. Scidà, A. Liscio, M. Christian, F. Valorosi, A. Boschi, R.J. Young , C. Galiotis, I.A. Kinloch, V. Morandi, V. Palermo, 2D Mater. 6 (2019) 025006.

3. Graphene oxide-polysulphone filters for tap water purification, obtained by fast microwave oven treatment.
A. Kovtun, M. Zambianchi, C. Bettini, A. Liscio, M. Gazzano, F. Corticelli, E. Treossi, M.L. Navacchia, V. Palermo, M. Melucci. Nanoscale, (2019) accepted manuscript

4. Graphene Oxide Promotes Site-Selective Allylic Alkylation of Thiophenes with Alcohols.
L. Favaretto, J. A, M Sambo, A. De Nisi, C Bettini, M. Melucci, A. Kovtun, A. Liscio, V. Palermo, A. Bottoni, F. Zerbetto, M. Calvaresi, M. Bandini Organic Letters, 20 (2018), 705–3709

5. Systematic study of the correlation between surface chemistry, conductivity and electrocatalytic properties of graphene oxide nanosheets.
G. Maccaferri, C. Zanardi, Z.Y. Xia, A. Kovtun, A. Liscio, F. Terzi, V. Palermo, R. Seeber, Carbon, 120 (2017) 165-175

6. Electrochemical Functionalization of Graphene at the Nanoscale with Self-Assembling Diazonium Salts.
Z. Xia, F. Leonardi, M. Gobbi, Y. Liu, V. Bellani, A. Liscio, A. Kovtun, R. Li, X. Feng, E. Orgiu, P. Samorì, E. Treossi, V. Palermo ACS Nano, 10 (2016) 7125-7134.

7. Cooperative Effect of GO and Glucose on PEDOT:PSS for High VOC and Hysteresis-Free Solution-Processed Perovskite Solar Cells.
A. Giuri, S. Masi, S. Colella, A. Kovtun, S. Dell'Elce, E. Treossi, A. Liscio, C. Esposito Corcione, A. Rizzo, A. Listorti Advanced Functional Materials, 26 (2016) 6985-6994

8. Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Nanoparticles Containing Thiophene-S,S-dioxide: Tuning of Dimensions, Optical and Redox Properties, and Charge Separation under Illumination.
F. Di Maria, A. Zanelli, A. Liscio, A. Kovtun, E. Salatelli, R. Mazzaro, V. Morandi, G. Bergamini, A. Shaffer, S. Rozen ACS Nano, 11 (2017) 1991-1999.

9. Surface Immobilized His-tagged Azurin as a Model Interface for the Investigation of Vectorial Electron Transfer in Biological System.
S. Casalini, M. Berto, A. Kovtun, A. Operamolla, G. Di Rocco, P. Facci, A. Liscio, G.M. Farinola, M. Borsari, C.A. Bortolotti Electrochimica Acta, 178 (2015) 638-646

Full publication list: Orcid, Google Scholar, Scopus