Capobianco Massimo

Senior Researcher
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I was born in 1959 in Bologna (Italy) where I got my degree in Chemistry in 1985. I started my research activity in 1986 with a fellowship bourse of "Accademia dei Lincei" working in the group of Dr. Anna Garbesi, Dr. Francesco P. Colonna, and Dr. Luisa Tondelli, in a fruitful collaboration with Prof. Federico Arcamone (here my full CV).
In 1990-91 spent 15 months at the University of Leiden workinìg in the group of Prof. J. H. Van Boom on synthesis of nucleopeptides, and more recently (2004-05) four weeks in the laboratory of Dr. Paola B. Arimondo at INSERM-CNRS in Paris, working on biochemical techniques related to the antigene methodology.
I'm an organic chemist, working on synthesis of natural compounds with particular interest in the synthesis of nucleic acids (natural or modified) and their interactions with drugs, or in their use as gene regulators (as antisense or antigene compounds). Recently I'm also interested in applications of oligonucleotides and derivatives as tools for induction of supramolecular self-assembly. I'm one of the managers of LESOM, a fully equipped laboratory for syntesis of modified oligonucleotides located in Ferrara. I collaborate with industries on analysis of samples and optimization procedures.
I also do research, using spectroscopic and HPLC-MS techquniques, for the identification of organic compounds in complex mixtures, such as deerivatives of fotosensible drugs and water pollutants.
I share my commitment between two research units: LEGARE and PROAMBIENTE