Advanced Materials - Publications


- A robust, modular approach to produce graphene–MOx multilayer foams as electrodes for Li-ion batteries.
Xia ZY, Christian M, Arbizzani C, Morandi V, Gazzano M, Quintano V, Kovtun A, Palermo V
Nanoscale, 11, 5265, 2019

- Highly sensitive amperometric sensor for morphine detection based on electrochemically exfoliated graphene oxide. Application in screening tests of urine samples.
Maccaferri G, Terzi F, Xia Z, Vulcano F, Liscio A, Palermo V, Zanardi C
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 281, 739, 2019

- Benchmarking of graphene-based materials: real commercial products versus ideal graphene.
Kovtun A, Treossi E, Mirotta N, Scidà A, Liscio A, Christian M, Valorosi F, Boschi A, Young RJ, Galiotis C, Kinloch IA, Morandi V, Palermo V
2D Materials, 6, 025006, 2019

- Accurate chemical analysis of oxygenated graphene-based materials using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.
Kovtun A, Jones D, Dell’Elce S, Treossi E, Liscio A, Palermo V
Carbon, 143, 268, 2019

- Structure-dependent electrical properties of graphene nanoribbon devices with graphene electrodes.
L. Martini, Z. Chen, N. Mishra, G. Borin Barin, P. Fantuzzia, P. Ruffieux, R. Fasel, X. Feng, A. Narita, C. Coletti, K. Müllen and A. Candini
CARBON 146, 36-43, 2019.

- CoTPP molecules deposited on graphene/Ni (111): Quenching of the antiferromagnetic interaction induced by gold intercalation.
V. Corradini, A. Candini, D. Klar, R. Biagi, V. De Renzi, A. Lodi Rizzini, N. Cavani, U. del Pennino, H. Wende, E. Otero and M. Affronte

-Microwave-assisted reversal of a single electron spin.
C. Godfrin, S. Lumetti, H. Biard, E. Bonet, S. Klyatskaya, M. Ruben, A. Candini, M. Affronte, W. Wernsdorfer and F. Balestro

-Modulating the Faradic Operation of All-Printed Organic Electrochemical Transistors by Facile in Situ Modification of the Gate Electrode.
M. Sensi, M. Berto, A. Candini, A. Liscio, A. Cossarizza, V. Beni, F. Biscarini and C. A. Bortolotti
ACS OMEGA 4, 5374-5381, 2019.


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Self-Assembly of Functionalized Oligothiophene into Hygroscopic Fibers: Fabrication of Highly Sensitive and Fast Humidity Sensors
M.A. Squillaci, A. Cipriani, M. Melucci, M. Zambianchi, G. Caminati, P. Samorì
Adv. Electron. Mater. 2017, 1700382

Polysulfone Hollow Porous Granules Prepared from Wastes of Ultrafiltration Membranes as Sustainable Adsorbent for Water and Air Remediation
M. Zambianchi, A. Aluigi, M. L.Capobianco, F. Corticelli, I. Elmi, S. Zampolli, F. Stante, L. Bocchi, F. Belosi, M. L. Navacchia, and M. Melucci
Adv. Sustainable Syst. 2017, 1700019

Improving the electrical performance of solution processed oligothiophene thin-film transistors via structural similarity blending
T. Leydecker, L. Favaretto, D.-T. Duong, G. Zappala`, K.BoÅNrjesson, A. Licciardello, A. Salleo, M.Melucci, E. Orgiu and P. Samori’
J. Mater. Chem. C, 2017, 5, 5048—5054

Synthesis and investigation on processing-depending polarized fluorescence emission in thin-films of 2,2'-([2,2'-Bithiophene]-5,5'-diyl)bis(5-octyl-4-phenyl-4H-thieno[2,3-c]pyrrol-6(5H)-one)
L. Favaretto, M. Zambianchi, S. G. Lopez, A. Mazzanti, C. Zanardi, R. Seeber, D. Gentili, F. Valle, E. Benvenuti, M. Muccini, G. Ruani, F. Mercuri, S. Milita, F. Liscio, M. Cavallini, S. Toffanin, and M. Melucci
J. Mater. Chem. C, 2017, 3, 121–131

Light emission tunability in transparent ambipolar organic light-emitting transistor integrated with a high-k photonic crystal as gate dielectric
M. Natali, L. Passoni, S. D. Quiroga, L. Criante, E. Benvenuti, G. P. Donati, G. Bolognini, M.Melucci, M. Muccini, F. Scotognella, S. Toffanin
Adv. Funct. Mater. 2017, 27, 1605164

Systematic study of the correlation between surface chemistry, conductivity and electrocatalytic properties of graphene oxide nanosheets.
Maccaferri, G.; Zanardi, C.; Xia, Z. Y.; Kovtun, A.; Liscio, A.; Terzi, F.; Palermo, V.; Seeber, R.
Carbon, 120, 165-175, 2017.

Graphene oxide doped polysulfone membrane adsorbers for the removal of organic contaminants from water.
Zambianchi, M.; Durso, M.; Liscio, A.; Treossi, E.; Bettini, C.; Capobianco, M. L.; Aluigi, A.; Kovtun, A.; Ruani, G.; Corticelli, F.; Brucale, M.; Palermo, V.; Navacchia, M. L.; Melucci, M.,
Chemical Engineering Journal , 326, 130-140, 2017.

Evolution of the size and shape of 2D nanosheets during ultrasonic fragmentation.
Liscio A, Kouroupis-Agalou K, Betriu XD, Kovtun A, Treossi E, Pugno NM, De Luca G, Giorgini L, Palermo V
2d Materials, 4, #025017, 2017

Managing heat phenomena in epoxy composites production via graphenic derivatives: synthesis, properties and industrial production simulation of graphene and graphene oxide containing composites.
Mazzocchetti L, Benelli T, D'Angelo E, Ligi S, Minak G, Poodts E, Tarterini F, Palermo V, Giorgini L
2d Materials, 4, #015020, 2017

Exfoliation of Few-Layer Graphene in Volatile Solvents Using Aromatic Perylene Diimide Derivatives as Surfactants.
Liscio A, Kouroupis-Agalou K, Kovtun A, Gebremedhn E, El Garah M, Rekab W, Orgiu E, Giorgini L, Samori P, Beljonne D, Palermo V
Chempluschem, 82, 358, 2017

Uptake of label-free graphene oxide by Caco-2 cells is dependent on the cell differentiation status.
Kucki M, Diener L, Bohmer N, Hirsch C, Krug HF, Palermo V, Wick P
Journal of Nanobiotechnology, 15, #46, 2017

Robust Two-Dimensional Electronic Properties in Three-Dimensional Microstructures of Rotationally Stacked Turbostratic Graphene.
Richter N, Hernandez YR, Schweitzer S, Kim JS, Patra AK, Englert J, Lieberwirth I, Liscio A, Palermo V, Feng XL, Hirsch A, Mullen K, Klaui M
Physical Review Applied, 7, #024022, 2017

GO/PEDOT: PSS nanocomposites: effect of different dispersing agents on rheological, thermal, wettability and electrochemical properties.
Giuri A, Masi S, Colella S, Listorti A, Rizzo A, Liscio A, Treossi E, Palermo V, Gigli G, Mele C, Corcione CE
Nanotechnology, 28, #174001, 2017


Electrochemical Functionalization of Graphene at the Nanoscale with Self-Assembling Diazonium Salts.
Xia ZY, Leonardi F, Gobbi M, Liu Y, Bellani V, Liscio A, Kovtun A, Li RJ, Feng XL, Orgiu E, Samori P, Treossi E, Palermo V
ACS Nano, 10, 7125, 2016

Chemical Approaches to 2D Materials.
Samori P, Palermo V, Feng XL
Advanced Materials, 28, 6027, 2016

Soft confinement of water in graphene-oxide membranes.
Romanelli G, Liscio A, Senesi R, Zamboni R, Treossi E, Liscio F, Giambastiani G, Palermo V, Fernandez-Alonso F, Andreani C
Carbon, 108, 199, 2016

Graphene-based coatings on polymer films for gas barrier applications.
Pierleoni D, Xia ZY, Christian M, Ligi S, Minelli M, Morandi V, Doghieri F, Palermo V
Carbon, 96, 503, 2016

Nanoscale Mechanics of Graphene and Graphene Oxide in Composites: A Scientific and Technological Perspective.
Palermo V, Kinloch IA, Ligi S, Pugno NM
Advanced Materials, 28, 6232, 2016

Interaction of graphene-related materials with human intestinal cells: an in vitro approach.
Kucki M, Rupper P, Sarrieu C, Melucci M, Treossi E, Schwarz A, Leon V, Kraegeloh A, Flahaut E, Vazquez E, Palermo V, Wick P
Nanoscale, 8, 8749, 2016

UV Reduced Graphene Oxide PEDOT:PSS Nanocomposite for Perovskite Solar Cells.
Giuri A, Masi S, Colella S, Listorti A, Rizzo A, Gigli G, Liscio A, Treossi E, Palermo V, Rella S, Malitesta C, Corcione CE
IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, 15, 725, 2016

Light-enhanced liquid-phase exfoliation and current photoswitching in graphene-azobenzene composites.
Doebbelin M, Ciesielski A, Haar S, Osella S, Bruna M, Minoia A, Grisanti L, Mosciatti T, Richard F, Prasetyanto EA, De Cola L, Palermo V, Mazzaro R, Morandi V, Lazzaroni R, Ferrari AC, Beljonne D, Samori P
Nature Communications, 7, #11090, 2016

Large area fabrication of self-standing nanoporous graphene-on-PMMA substrate.
Clochard MC, Melilli G, Rizza G, Madon B, Alves M, Wegrowe JE, Toimil-Molares ME, Christian M, Ortolani L, Rizzoli R, Morandi V, Palermo V, Bianco S, Pirri F, Sangermano M
Materials Letters, 184, 47, 2016

Capillary pressure in graphene oxide nanoporous membranes for enhanced heat transport in Loop Heat Pipes for aeronautics.
Buffone C, Coulloux J, Alonso B, Schlechtendahl M, Palermo V, Zurutuza A, Albertin T, Martin S, Molina M, Chikov S, Muelhaupt R
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 78, 147, 2016

A Self-assembled Lysinated Perylene Diimide Film as Multifunctional Material and Neural Interface
S. Bonetti, M. Prosa, A. Pistone, L. Favaretto, A. Sagnella, I. Grisin, M. Zambianchi, S. Karges, A. Lorenzoni, T. Posati, R. Zamboni, N. Camaioni, F. Mercuri, M. Muccini, M. Melucci and V. Benfenati
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Anthracene-based molecular emitters for non-doped deep-blue organic light emitting transistors
M. Zambianchi, E. Benvenuti, C. Bettini, C. Zanardi, R. Seeber, D. Gentili, M. Cavallini, M. Muccini, V. Biondo, C. Soldano, G. Generali, S. Toffanin and M. Melucci
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Surface immobilization of functional molecules by reactive self-assembling
A. Mezzi, S. Kaciulis, M. Brucale, D. Gentili, M. Barbalinardo, M. Durso, M. Melucci, M. Cavallini
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Growth and manipulation of organic semiconductors microcrystals by wet lithography
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Self-protective action in multicomponent fluorescent self-assembled monolayers
M. Barbalinardo, D. Gentili, M. Brucale, F. Valle, I. Manet, G. Foschi, M. Zambianchi, M. Melucci, M. Cavallini
RSC Adv., 2016, 6, 17106–17109.


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Observation of different charge transport regimes and large magnetoresistance in graphene oxide layers.
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