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The main research activity of Alberto Zanelli deals with the electrochemistry and spectroelectrochemistry of conducting polymers, oligormers and organic molecules for electroptic applications.
Recently he extended his studies on Advanced Oxidation Process to combinig photocatalysis, electrochemistry and sonochemistry.He also was involved in some projects about polymer sensors, organic photovoltaics and organic light emitting diodes.He is actualy involved in some project of science popularization such as "Raw matters ambassadors at school" and "Il linguaggio della ricerca".
At Palermo University and at Bologna University, Alberto Zanelli also studied polymeric supercapacitors, lithium-polymer batteries and organic electrochromic devices.
Alberto Zanelli received the master in analytical chemistry in 1996, and the graduation in chemistry in 1993, both cum laude, at Bologna University.


Recent pubblications:

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Scopus Author ID: 6602116877
Researcher ID: C-4061-2009

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2013: National academic qualification for teaching the fundaments of chemical sciences and inorganic systems (03/B1)